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MoeGifts LTD. Canada Smokers who are searching for glass bongs, Rolling Papers, Hand Pipes or bubblers, Lighters, Silicone Jars, Smoke Buddy, Cleaner, Stash cans, vaporizers for sale can find all of this and more at Moegifts.com

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Conditions of Sale - Moe-Gifts keeps on-line pricing current; the on-line price superseded any other written price with the exception of an estimate that has not expired.

Price Agreement - At Moe-Gifts we are very careful, but sometimes errors happen. All errors are subject to correction. Moe-Gifts reserves the right to change prices and specifications without notice.

Wholesale Accounts - Moe-Gifts reserves the right to sell products to any customer meeting wholesale requirements.

Manufacture Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) - Moe-Gifts publishes MSRP and will sell directly to the consumer at this price level. Moe-Gifts reserves the right to sale its product at any price to any individual.

Confidential Price Agreement - Account holders and customers who purchase products from Moe-Gifts at wholesale prices will be held to a confidentiality agreement between Moe-Gifts and that customer.

Moe-Gifts considers wholesale price sheets and quotes confidential.

Terms Policy - Current customers with a satisfactory commercial credit rating will be shipped on standard open account terms of Net 30 days.Clearance Items - All clearance sales are final. Moe-Gifts will not accept returns or exchanges.Verbal Ordering - Moe-Gifts‘s full-time inside sales team will answer the phones Monday thru Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm central time.

Our sales staff will make every effort to properly communicate your order but Moe-Gifts will not be held responsible for mistakes from any verbal orders that are not accompanied by Moe Gifts